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All Elbows’ Favorites Part One
All Elbows' Favorites Part One

This was a pretty eventful and adventure-filled year for us. It began with the two of us in Tokyo, jobless but credentialed at both Dynamite!! and Sengoku No Ran, bumping into “Mayhem” Miller in our budget hotel and ended most recently with us in San Jose, myself working for Strikeforce and Casey working for AOL […]

Year of the Mo Part Three: The Debut
Year of the Mo Part Three: The Debut

FINALLY!  It took us months but we’ve finally finished part three of Year of the Mo.  Looking back at all the projects we’ve completed since, I’m a little embarrassed it took us so long but it’s been a busy few months and we’re glad to present this now — despite its tardiness.  In the coming […]

Don’t forget! Sengoku 8 this weekend
Don't forget! Sengoku 8 this weekend

We’re not a news blog or anything but some MMA sites are whining about the lack of MMA. Well, don’t forget that the second round of Sengoku’s Featherweight Grand Prix are this weekend! The first round was quite excellent and full of quality fights, I know this second round is going to be just as […]

Fight Night with Mo Lawal: Photos
Fight Night with Mo Lawal: Photos

As promised, here’s the photos documenting Fight Day with King Mo. Thanks again to Mo, Ryan, Dean, Yamamoto, and Chonan for letting me snap in their faces all day long. Also, I’d like to thank the fighters whom we shared the locker room with, except I don’t think they’ll read this.

Fight Journal: King Mo, Sengoku 7 – Fight Night
Fight Journal: King Mo, Sengoku 7 - Fight Night

Here is the third and final installment of our Fight Journal with King Mo in Tokyo, Japan.

Sengoku ‘Seventh Battle’ Gallery
Sengoku 'Seventh Battle' Gallery

There’s too much to say, too many photos, too many memories and a blur between my memory, the broadcast, and time. So, instead, I will just present you with how I saw the Sengoku 7 featherweight grand prix.

King Mo Post Fight Press Interview
King Mo Post Fight Press Interview

It’s 2 am here in Tokyo and we just got back from dinner after the fights. But before moving onto editing, we wanted to post a snippet from King Mo’s post-fight interview. Here in Japan, events have the fighters do an interview with all the media immediately following their fight. Mo brought his queens out […]

Fight Journal: King Mo, Sengoku 7 – Day 3
Fight Journal: King Mo, Sengoku 7 - Day 3

It’s Fight Day here in Tokyo and this week’s been interesting, full of juvenile fun and games. We put together a video of Mo’s third day in Tokyo, covering the weigh-ins, to the press conference, and dinner with fans from his Mixi (Japanese version of Myspace) community. Outside of Mo’s doings, I’ve been chit chatting […]

Fight Journal: King Mo, Sengoku 7 – Day 1 & 2
Fight Journal: King Mo, Sengoku 7 - Day 1 & 2

All Elbows is here in Tokyo covering Sengoku 7 and we’d like to introduce the first of a feature we’re calling, Fight Journal.  In our inaugural episode, we follow Mo Lawal on his first two days in Tokyo, dropping weight before his fight in Sengoku 7, this Friday March 20th. Remember this photo from yesterday?  […]

Asians in Asia
Asians in Asia

(Sorry about the crazy formatting, having issues with the page not loading the HTML I entered — hence beta I guess — but it’s cross posted at Fightlinker in a slightly less cluttered format) We’re here in Tokyo, covering Sengoku 7 and Mo Lawal. And while we arrived last night, we got in too late […]

The Year of the Mo, Part One
The Year of the Mo, Part One

We here at All Elbows are proud to present the first installment of a three part series on up-and-coming MMA fighter, Mo Lawal, better known as King Mo. In this episode, we drove all over Southern California to Mo’s many training locations to get a glimpse into the extensive and varied preparation that Mo receives.

Late Night Interview with Mo Lawal
Late Night Interview with Mo Lawal

On a damp and cold February night a few weeks ago, we had Mo Lawal come over for an interview that will ultimately be edited into three short pieces about the up-and-coming MMA fighter.

Goodbye Tokyo!
Goodbye Tokyo!

Farewell Japan and thanks for all the MMA! I had a great week in Tokyo, attending both K-1 Premium Dynamite!! and Sengoku, while covering Mo Lawal backstage and press events. “King Mo” and his camp allowed me to follow them around backstage during Sengoku and it was an awesome experience. Operations essentially run the same, […]

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