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Months on film.
Months on film.

I carry my little point-and-shoot 35mm Konica Big Mini around with me, usually loaded with Fuji Natura 1600 or Ilford XP2 (for fun) and I do my best to remember to take photos for personal posterity while working. Here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve shot on film over the last few months. I’ll be posting […]

All Elbows’ Favorites Part Three
All Elbows' Favorites Part Three

This is the last of it. Well, it’s not all of it, because of UFC credential/photo restrictions, but you can always check out the work at Fanhouse. This collection covers from my first gig for Strikeforce in June on through the end of the year, culminating with Strikeforce: Evolution.  Thrown in at random are some […]

We still use film.
We still use film.

Recently while shamelessly plugging my posts on the Sherdog forums, I came across a user who felt the need to tell me I couldn’t cut it as a model, and therefore became a photographer. Stupid me, I actually responded and defended myself but looking back, I didn’t need to say a thing because why should […]

Holy Batman! Another test post.
Holy Batman!  Another test post.

His secret hideout is under the Hollywood and Highland Mall?

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