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What a thrilling night of fights.  I have to say, as a fan, I’m constantly rewarded each time I show up to shoot.  Sure, there are a few stinkers in the mix — you can’t help that in a night of ten bouts.  I’m happiest for Takanori Gomi.  I’m glad he gets to pay off his car and not get booted from his gym now that he’s able to pay rent.  Gomi beamed, as happy as Charles Oliveira was earlier in the night after his sweet triangle choke (and it made him so overjoyed Oliveira cried).

We spotted friend of the site, Mayhem Miller at the fights and MC Hammer too.

The UFC mag editor told me over twitter that I ought to give one of our new shirts to Jon “Bones” Jones, who keeps inadvertently advertising for us.  Indeed!  If Jon Jones wants an All Elbows shirt, feel free to contact us.

These are my favorite shots of the night but the entire gallery is over at MMAfighting.com/AOL Fanhouse.  Poor John Howard’s eye is being used as the icon for the event.  Ben Fowlkes also has his usual great “Falling Action” on the fights and you should just check out the site for its awesome coverage.

I do have one photographic complaint about the evening and that is there were GREEN colored lights shining into the cage from outside, leaving a weird alien glow on guys as they approached the sides.  I didn’t like it, personally.  I would have just liked it to be white, or even blue, but green?  Just so odd.

Casey got this great shot of the arena being packed up as we left the post-press conference.

OK. Enough excuses! Photos:

–gallery removed—

And at the end of the night, 2:30 am in our hotel room, we’ve taken off our shoes and get ready for bed.

Dreaming of 117 in Oakland.


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