Because You Care How You Look

You’re an MMA fan. Maybe you are slowly collecting belts in BJJ, maybe you are in cardiokickboxing but have dreams of Thailand, or maybe you are a keyboard (camera) warrior like me, and you just like fighting because it’s an awesome human experiment, an amazing competition of brains and brawn.

You want to sport some gear but everything’s too loud and you like to wear your shirts down from wearing them, not buying them prewashed in a washer full of sharp rocks and skulls.


Our friends at Scramble have been supplying the world with awesome shirts for months now and this collaboration with Manto I’m wearing here is TOPS. I really like it. The purple is a fantastic shade and the design is pretty swell. It also says “sekai ichi” on the back. But I didn’t shoot the back of my shirt because I’m a big dummy.

The Newaza hoodies are also superb, with their contrast color lining, AND they are responsibly made! None of that sweatshop crap for your sweatshirts!

We love Scramble, and we don’t get paid to say that. I just know a good thing when I see it. So if you’re in the UK or elsewhere, order at and if you’re in the US, you can check out their US affiliate but if you want the full stock, you’ll have to order from the UK site.

Another line that caught my eye is VXRSI, apparently from Latin plural for the word Versus, it’s got some clean designs and really simple clothing that don’t hurt to look at. Like this fashionable tank top on the right.

They also have the shirt in the title graphic on the front page.

And you know I’m always in love with Caol Uno’s Nike 10acc line but I can’t get it here so I’ll just post the pic I liked the most.

And last but not least, I’m really digging the new Tri-Coasta Korean Zombie shirt.

Casey’s got version 1, and he’s been stopped by many a person inquiring about it’s stylishness.

The new one is fantastic fun, with our favorite zombie Chan Sung Jung holding his own detached arm.  Hooray zombies!

It’s only available at MMAWarehouse for now.

And you know, we have our own shirts, and as soon as I get back from Everett, we will have photos of people actually wearing them and make them available for purchase.  Our new shirts run from XS-2XL in men’s sizes, with the XS a perfect fit for a petite lady like me (I’m 5’3″ and about 52 kilograms).  I KNOW for a fact you will love the new shirt because it is just about the best thing EVER.

Check back tomorrow for updates from Strikeforce Challengers: Everett!

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