UFC 112 Weigh-Ins

You asked. AOL answered.

New galleries on Fanhouse are now available in fullscreen mode! Bless ’em.  I’m so happy you all finally get to see the photos a bit bigger.  I’m thrilled for the future.

The weigh-ins were really exciting and a bit crazy with a little shoving in our press corner due to being packed into a very small space after having waited for the prime shooting spot for three hours.  At one point, they put a security guard in front of us and all the photographers protested, Zelaznick having to tell security to get out of our way, “You can trust those guys, they aren’t going to do anything.”

And really, we wouldn’t. Should anyone try to get past us surly photographers, what with having staked out my spot for three hours, I would have defended my lens space well.  There were a lot of international fans at the weigh-ins, with Renzo Gracie, BJ Penn, the Brits, and Mark Munoz getting the biggest reception.  I can’t wait for the video of the fans by Ariel and Casey to be uploaded, which I’ll add here later, because it’s really great to meet MMA fans in this part of the world.

Please enjoy the gallery of the weigh-ins, I’m pretty proud of MMAfighting.com’s new gallery format.  And I hope you are as delighted as I am.

Also, I made the header graphic in lovely desert colors, everything here’s been in the soft sea green & gold and I couldn’t resist incorporating that lovely color scheme into our own post.

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