Training Camp: Cain Velasquez

cain We bring you another installment in our Training Camp series for AOL Fanhouse, this time featuring Cain Velasquez, who will be fighting Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia, next week.  We’re proud to feature another fighter from AKA and happy that Cain sat down and talked with us about his upcoming bout with the legend Nogueira.

Special thanks go to the UFC for highlights, Dave Mandel of Indecision Records (and Sherdog), Genghis Con, and Heidi Seibert of Zinkin Management for arranging time with Cain for my upcoming article on the heavyweight for Fighters Only Magazine (yes, the article covers stuff not in the interview, and is far more in-depth and full of photos).  Also, thanks to Javier Mendez and Dave Camarillo for letting us crash class and sparring.

And thanks to Cage Potato for mentioning me in their 25 Most Essential Twitter Feeds! I don’t consider myself essential to anyone’s life but Casey’s — since who would make perfect coffee in the morning when I’m not around? But I’m thankful for the recognition and super flattered. As of 5 PM Pacific Time on February 11, 2010, I have 1,123 followers, that’s 225 more than I had last night. Amazing. Hope I don’t disappoint y’all too much. I will try not to post excessively about my love of brie and manchego cheese.

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