All Elbows’ Favorites Part Three

This is the last of it. Well, it’s not all of it, because of UFC credential/photo restrictions, but you can always check out the work at Fanhouse. This collection covers from my first gig for Strikeforce in June on through the end of the year, culminating with Strikeforce: Evolution.  Thrown in at random are some shots I missed from the first post, shot on my favorite little camera, the Yashica T4 (that has gone missing!! If you see one, buy it for me and send it over) and one of my favorite film stocks, Fuji Natura 1600. I also spent a few days in Big Bear with Andre Dirrell shooting stuff for the Super Six boxing tournament on Showtime, so my favorites from my time there are posted as well.

And my favorite shot from a UFC this year was Kenny Florian sinking in the choke over Clay Guida.  You can see that over at AOL Fanhouse, sorry no permalinks to individual images.

So here’s to 2009, a tumultuous but quite fortunate year, and to 2010, we hope it’ll be awesome, can’t see it going any other way really.  For 2010, we’d like less haters, more access, make more friends, make more art, shed a few pounds, and to sell more shirts (so we can make more).  We have a ton of stuff in the pipeline, designs & things, just you wait!

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