Strikeforce Evolution Photos

So you’ve probably already seen ’em on Showtime’s flickr because I am so incredibly slow to post. Casey and I took a one day detour after the Strikeforce event to San Francisco (which you absolutely cannot see in one day) and send out photos and videos while watching the light rain from inside over a cup of tea and egg custard.

Hey, but if not, here are the photos from the entire night of Strikeforce: Evolution in a very long eighty-two photo slideshow from Showtime.

If that’s too much to handle, here are my favs:

I’m glad I stopped through San Francisco on the way back, the fog and slow rain and good company certainly cleared my lungs and I feel strangely refreshed after three straight weeks of the road. And incredibly grateful. It’s been a great year and we’ll be reviewing it in different ways over the next week. I just wanted to share how exciting 2010 seems and how this past year has been awesome despite the speed bumps. Also, if you get a chance to visit the California Academy of Sciences, do stop in and catch the planetarium show. I conducted myself as a child for a few hours touching everything we were allowed to touch and marveling at the fragile stuff.

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