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lasting imagesAlternate title for this post: Fanhouse strokes my fragile photographer’s ego.  Holy moly!  Fanhouse editors put my photos on the main page of the ENTIRE site, not just the MMA portion (I’m under a story about Tiger Woods) and called it, Lasting Images.  Used my name and everything.  Wow.  Awesome.

They used this photo of Logan looking away from the many fighters who had to strip down, causing Joe Rogan to declare today’s events “Penis Day.”

Perhaps it was all due to a scale error, or fight card-wide judgment error on the tastiness of Memphis eats (I’ve been pigging out for dinner each night after being too busy to eat all day) that caused everyone to come in with a belly full of Rendezvous dry-rub ribs or Gus’s world-famous Fried Chicken.

Either way, check out the gallery posted on Fanhouse and below is the full frame of that photo in the Fanhouse, Natasha Wicks photo that didn’t make the cut, my favorite faceoff, and just a picture that I liked.

See you tomorrow night (oh wait, it’s tonight!) on MMA Fanhouse for coverage and photos!

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Logan avoids the stripping fighters

Natasha Wicks

Fitch faces off with Pierce

Stefan Struve

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