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Just wanted to share some scans from the latest issue of Kamipro. Whenever I get a few extra dollars in my budget, I like to go to Kinokuniya here in Los Angeles and buy Kamipro, and Kakutougi, the major Japanese fight mags.  But they are really 高い! Luckily, the publishers sent me a copy because I’ve got maybe twenty photos in the issue (yay).  I realize that many of you haven’t seen the Gina studio work I’ve done because it’s been sitting on a hard drive.  Perhaps this will spur more people needing to print Gina images and you’ll get to see more of my work from that same shoot.

So here you go! I’m quite proud of the photos, especially the Gina stuff — I think they are the best photos I’ve taken of her.  It’s always fun to shoot with her because she smiles brightly, laughs, knows a lot of her own favorite poses, but is also easy to direct.  Gina always shows up, ready to shine, even if she’s just been through a grueling workout with her conditioning coach, Satan.  Everyone keeps asking if I retouched her and I did not. When I do a studio shoot for Strikeforce, it’s the day before the weigh-ins and I have to shoot twenty+ people in a day and send out the work in the evening, so there’s no time to retouch. Everything’s gotta be ready to use pretty much straight out of the camera.

I’ve included two more scans, one from a Fedor article and one from a Brett Rogers article, all same issue, #139.  Hope you enjoy them!  Also, if any of you read Japanese, please translate these for me!  I didn’t include the largest scans ever, but just the gist of the piece would be nice.  I dropped out of my 2nd year of Japanese language courses at UCLA, guess I shouldn’t have done that.

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