Rest In Peace, Blue Iris.

blueiris_003Today, I’d like to pay tribute to a wonderful woman who passed yesterday, Blue Iris, or perhaps by her actual name, Ellen Nemer.


I’ll call her Blue because she was Blue to me, and Blue to everyone that knew her in the second half of her fascinating life.

While this isn’t MMA related, it’s us related, being that Casey, resident awesome videomaker, first moved to Los Angeles, to work on a documentary called The Ding Dong Show, chronicling the turbulent nights of an oddball comedy troupe at the Belly Room in The Comedy Store.  It was through his documentary work that Casey and I connected, and why we do this today.

Blue Iris was a champion for patient’s rights in an age when no one gave two shits about mental health patients, when anyone could commit you, give you shock treatment, and you were stuck there without any say.  Shock treatment essentially destroys the brain (which controls everything else), so unfortunately, as the years went by, Blue deteriorated quickly and towards the end of her life, suffered a lot.  However, she always maintained a smile and was a joy to be around.

Not to mention, she was an amazing painter and fun pornstar.  Yep, Blue Iris did “granny porn” and before you pass judgment, realize that she knew that no one minded what an old lady did with her life and Blue relished in getting it on with young studs.  I’d say it’s a good deal for an aging woman.  Towards the later years, she became a host on HowardTV, having been featured on his radio show many times before.  I was happy that Blue had found an appreciative audience.

Blue Iris, you’ll be missed.

Here is the trailer for the documentary, the still image is Blue’s son, Barton.

And my favorite pictures of Blue Iris:

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