Don’t forget! Sengoku 8 this weekend

Ronnie Mann vs Hatsu HiokiWe’re not a news blog or anything but some MMA sites are whining about the lack of MMA. Well, don’t forget that the second round of Sengoku’s Featherweight Grand Prix are this weekend! The first round was quite excellent and full of quality fights, I know this second round is going to be just as good.

In the main event, we have UK standout Ronnie Mann vs the tournament favorite, Hatsu Hioki.  Hioki is such a badass and I hope that he’s not shaken by Mann’s “standup and fight like a man” business.  Personally, I don’t think of ground game as unmanly, or what have you.  It’s just a taunt because Hioki traditionally used to try and stand for the challenge (and lost that way) — I hope he ignores Mann and subs him.  I mean, I like Ronnie Mann as a fighter but I want Hioki to take the tournament.


Then there’s Michihiro Omigawa vs Nam Phan.  Nam Phan is from Southern California, where we here at All Elbows live and work.  Omigawa, or Michi, is just a tough motherfucker.  Really.  This is a tough one for me.  I like them both but I suppose in a way, I’m rooting for Michi because of his post-fight speech from last time.  Or, wait, if I want him to win, I shouldn’t root for him.  Since Michi is fueled by that doubt.  He’s kind of inconsistent, but I guess we’ll see. Phan’s in his true weight class at featherweight and even if he doesn’t win here, I think he’ll shine at 145.

There’s lots of other fights outside of the four GP fights as well.  Maximo Blanco, one of Sengoku’s ‘training players’ is fighting Akihiko Mouri.  I don’t know too much about either but Maximo was in Mo Lawal’s locker room back in January and he was a pleasant guy.

I’m sure Tony over at Sherdog will have a good preview of the fights soon and I’ll try to link it when I find it.

Continuing with our GPers…

kanehara_vs_jungMasanori Kanehara and Chan Sung Jung get an opportunity to avenge losses by their teammates or buddies in this matchup.  The Zombie, Jung, had an impressive showing of his chin last time.  I mean, yeah, he’s full of energy and can fight but how long should Jung keep taking shots to the face like that?  Kanehara’s been ‘practising’ choking zombies out so we’ll see how that technique plays out.  I’m not sure you can choke a zombie out, being that they aren’t alive and therefore don’t need any type of circulation (or do they?) but perhaps Kanehara means to decapitate the Zombie with his gloved hands.

And last but certainly not least, we’ve got Marlon Sandro, another favorite for the tournament, against the Zombie expert, Nick Denis.

marlon sandro vs nick denisIn this one, I want Denis to win for sure.  How can you not like Denis?  He walked out to Justice’s “Genesis” in the first round.  Point there.  And wears the little shorts, another point from me.  I’m all about the little shorts.  I think those big baggy MMA shorts are boring and don’t show off what your mama gave ya and what you trained so hard for.  And of course, Denis knocked his opponent out quickly and fiercely.  Sandro on the other hand was hurt a couple times with the very injured Matt Jaggers, and well, won on Jaggers’ mistake.  I suppose that’s how most fights are won though, on the opponent’s mistakes.  Plus, Denis’ teammates with Ronin MMA were cordial fellows, and I’m always giving points for niceness.

So don’t forget to check out Sengoku 8 this coming weekend.  It’s gonna be a doozy.

Also, Pacquiao vs Hatton on Saturday night. I’ve been watching 24/7 and drooling all over myself. I’m really looking forward to it, though there’s no way I’m paying for the PPV on my measly earnings so I suppose I’ll just have to wait for the results and photos the following day.

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