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Shit We Like: The Art of Jacob Bannon
Shit We Like: The Art of Jacob Bannon

Long before Affliction and its clones all over the MMA world used paint splatter and skulls in their designs, Jacob Bannon of Converge was making the dark, sincere art whose style would find its way onto overpriced high-fashion expensive shirts. Converge is one of Casey’s favorite bands. So it was exciting to read a FIGHT! […]

Epic Music for Fight Scenes
Epic Music for Fight Scenes

We’re really into music here at All Elbows. One of our favorite bands is Explosions in the Sky. If we could, we’d edit tons of fight highlights to their music, but we don’t have the budget of a Hollywood production or sports leagues. Casey’s originally from Texas and we’ve been listening to these awesome instrumentalists […]

The Sounds of HBO’s 24/7
The Sounds of HBO's 24/7

Every time I watch an episode of Pacquiao Hatton 24/7, I’m in awe.  In fact, all of the 24/7 ‘seasons’ have blown me away.  This is the first fight barker series (essentially, a commercial) that I’ve been floored by from top to bottom.  I want to call them documentaries, because to me, they feel like […]

Riding In On My Thunderhorse
Riding In On My Thunderhorse

Tamdan McCrory, who came out at UFC 91 to Dimmu Borgir, had his request to walkout to Dethlok’s “Thunderhorse” (from the show Metalocalypse) vetoed by Dana White. McCrory felt music to be so tied to his identity to the viewers he absolutely needed (Tamdan grabs the mic and its the first thing he says in his post-fight speech) to alert fight fans that his walkout music was not his choice.

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