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Finally! We’ve been sitting on this video for a while, waiting for the release.  Back in April, Casey and I went to Kansas City and shot Invicta Fighting Championships from all angles.  I took photography of the event, but I also did video portraits of every fighter.  Casey shot video on fight night and did post-fight video portraits. He had many ideas on how it should come together but when he heard “In The Chapel” by Candles of Paradise, the images were set.  From the moment we started in this business, we’ve been enthralled by fighting.  I do indeed think of the cage/ring as an altar, the venue a chapel — not to worship, but to reflect on ourselves as humans.  We come together as fans to experience it together.  Live fights have a different excitement from the ones we watch on TV.

These women of Invicta Fighting Championships showed immense heart that night.  The battles were intense.  Every bout was hard fought.

We hope this video imparts to you that absolute magic and joy we felt that night, being a part of the very first Invicta show.  Thank you to Shannon Knapp and Janet Martin for trusting us with Invicta.  I’m pretty sad I can’t be there this Saturday because there isn’t a moment I would miss — but life has it’s crazy twists and turns and I’m actually in San Jose covering a great boxing event for Showtime Sports, Robert Guerrero vs Selcuk Aydin.

If you’d like more information on the music, visit:  — it’s a free download, or you can pay $6 for a cassette or higher quality download.  Definitely worth it.

Thank you also to for giving us a big stage for the release.  We recommend you hook up your computer to the TV, stream the HD version, and turn up the volume.

From a heart bursting with love,



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