The U of MMA

Sometimes, we cut a little time out to do things for fun, for art, to keep our fascination.  We made this lovely video for our friends at the U of MMA.  Right now, we’re sitting at the Pasadena location of Intelligentsia, one of my favorite coffee places in town because I enjoyed both an amazing yirgacheffe and a Big Bear Black stout beer in the same sitting.  Last time I was here I had cold brew ice tea and a quinoa + kale salad.  I know.

But let’s be honest.  I like coming here because the baristas are dressed as if we’re back in the Prohibition era and it’s a pretty little escape from our modern world.  And I think our video is a nice deviation from your standard MMA highlight video.

Ever since we heard this song, Casey and I have been dying for a good reason to use it.  However, we have no budget for music.  This was made just to crack our knuckles, and maybe, to pass the song along to you.


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  • Casey

    Just beautiful