Recap Toronto

Day four. A sampling of random images from this past week in Toronto.

I bought a fisheye attachment for my iPhone last year but we moved and I misplaced it for long time.  Well, I dug it out and went a little overboard these last few weeks.  Sorry. But here’s the result of that:


Mannequin in Chinatown.

More mannequins from the same shop.  This one with amazing, just mezmerizing eyelashes. Casey took the mannequin shots. They are wonderful.



Shooting the preview show outside the Air Canada Centre with Ben Fowlkes and Ariel Helwani.  Casey is holding the camera on the right side of the frame.

Looking out onto an apron at Toronto Airport.

And the best shot of the week:

Yep. Finished off the week with Haribo Happy Cola as we waited to board the plane. My absolute favorite everywhere.  Though, my favorite little treat in Canada is Coffee Crisp.


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  • Space Ace

    Oh, Photojojo…good stuff.