I know it’s not fair but I had to take a short break to package a ton of shirts, make tons of mix CDs, and to shoot production stills on the SHOSports feature shoot for Andre Berto vs VIctor Ortiz II.

I wanted to let you know I actually have many posts in draft form but I don’t want to just publish them rough as they are — they’re things I’ve been asked about a lot and I would like to tell them well.

So expect in the next few days:

1. My First MMA Fight (that I shot, I never fought)
2. Gear Talk
3. FAQ (answers to most e-mailed/tweeted questions not just about gear)
4. Favorite Photos of 2011
5. Favorite Videos of 2011

As well as a few more “lost photos” posts of unseen images, mostly shot on film.

Thanks for your patience during these trying holiday times and thanks even more for your support and readership.  You rock.

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  • Fightlinker

    I have a question: how do you guys deal with all the traveling you do? Who takes care of the dogs? Do you ever feel like you’re going crazy from being on the road so much?

    • Esther Lin

      Oooh good questions, I will add them to the FAQ post. My mom takes care of the dogs.