Reign Training Center

We took a jaunt down Interstate 5 to Reign Training Center, visiting Mark Muñoz training for his bout with Chris Leben next week.  I shot mostly video, and that you’ll see next week, but for now I’ll share the few stills I managed to take while zoning out and being a bad cameraperson.

For that group shot, I know not everyone is looking the same way. There were two or three cameras going at a time, just a fun little moment. It’s neat to see Brendan Schaub standing back there after a day training with and around Fabricio Werdum.  Fabricio organized the photo as well!  He spent a couple of minutes arranging everyone into a pleasing configuration.

Also, I threw in two portraits I did for Reign.  They’re planning some lovely stuff there so I shot portraits with all of their pros.

Happy UFC 137 Fight Week guys! Did you miss it? Two weeks off from Zuffa shows and it felt awfully quiet. How did you spend your time?

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  • Cain

    Nice gloves have werdum

  • Space Ace

    Is that Ishii?

    That makes me miss Dream even more than the UFC.

  • Sekkai Ichi Grappler [=

    It is true, Dream was better and I will always choose JP MMA over UFC but honestly, if it weren’t for UFC, MMA itself would be dead. And thanks for posting these!! I love seeing them!

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