Bowling vs Voelker III Weigh-ins

Hey! Quick post of the weigh-in photos! Will regale you with stories later in the evening! Everybody made weight, awesome!



I’m here in Las Vegas covering Strikeforce Challengers: Bowling vs Voelker III and eight glasses of water into my day and I am still parched.  Shot today’s weigh-ins at the infamously dim Key West Ballroom here at the Palms.  I’m excited for all the fights, and you must know by now, most excited for Kaufman vs Carmouche.

I hopped off the plane at 8 am at McCarran and shuttled over to the Palms to wait around for weigh-ins to start.

At the Palms breakfast buffet, a waiter approached Sarah Kaufman and asked her, “You look so familiar, where have I seen you before?” And like an asshole because he wasn’t speaking to me, I interrupted, “She’s on the billboard outside! She’s fighting tomorrow.” And the young waiter blushed and knew he’d seen Sarah all over the posters in the Palms and exclaimed, “YEAH! Oh my god! That’s awesome. Good luck tomorrow!”

He was super sweet about it.

Tune in tomorrow night on Showtime at 11 PM EST and I should have the photos up a few hours after the show.

I was getting pretty delirious by the start of weigh-ins because I’ve been up since 4:45 AM so I think I was probably giggling at every single not-funny thing today.

Finally, the day is winding down, I have serious garlic breath, and I can’t wait to crash into a soft hotel bed and snore until tomorrow’s fights. Again, keep your eyes peeled for the photos and see y’all at the Pearl!

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