All Elbows in Tijuana

I know, no posts lately!  We’ve been working on some stuff for Strikeforce following KJ Noons and Nick Diaz on their paths to Nick’s welterweight title defense (and rematch!) on October 9th.  This took us from Houston to Lodi/Stockton to yep, Tijuana.

While I was inclined to keep this a secret of some sort, I have to share the photos James Law took for us while we shot down there.  I actually stayed back and wrote, clipped, edited all day not knowing that I’d be missing some hot mullet & cheek-piercing action.

Just a side note, we get lots of e-mails from people about how to work for us or advertising and all that and let me just clarify.  All Elbows is a blog for myself, Esther, and Casey.  I know I know, with all this style it seems like we’re some kind of big shots (hahaha) but really this is just a personal blog to showcase our work and the work of others that we find in tune with our aesthetic.  Just didn’t feel like calling it “Esther and Casey’s Blog.”

We’ll post up an FAQ soon with our “deets” just to answer some of the most common questions.

So please enjoy James Law‘s photos, he’s a good friend who helped us out tremendously on this shoot.  Check out his site too.  We’ve been pulling all kinds of favors from all over to get this done and we certainly appreciate everyone pitching in and making this happen.

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