UFC 117 Fight Night

I was fortunate enough to have the last moment of Silva-Sonnen right in front of me.  Seven or eight feet away.

The whole night seemed to blur at that moment.

I’m still not confident that it’s Monday morning.

I don’t remember my flight home.  I remember the bus ride from the airport to Union Station and crowding onto the train with my luggage into piles of Dodger fans.  I looked out the windows onto Los Angeles while listening to a teenager tell her uncle how riding the train makes her realize there’s so much of Los Angeles she never knew about.

Two nights ago I was in Oakland, balancing the act of shooting with an internal inquisition of my knowledge of fighting.  I saw Chael Sonnen taking Anderson Silva down with no protest–and it was bizarre.

Then I saw Chael sit back, pulling his body away from the triangle being locked in —–

And I knew it was done.

But here are my favorite photos from the night.  Do check out the entire gigantic gallery here and check out all the awesome coverage on MMAfighting.com.  Watch Ariel Helwani’s post-fight interviews here.  All in all, an amazing night of fights.

One for the books.


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  • Very nice photo’s, loved both of Fitch’s.

  • Unbelievable photo, its got everything, total perfection, it is everything MMA is, captured in one shot.

  • I feel he’s attempting to point out that Sonnen produced a big statement in this fight, and almost pulled it off. Nobody has come even close to this towards Silva in years

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