UFC Fan Expo Sights and Sounds

Last week we worked to cover UFC 114 for MMAFighting.com and at the same time as the anticipated Jackson vs Evans bout, there happened to also be the second ever UFC Fan Expo, twice the size of last year’s.

I could tell you what is was like but this video will do a better job of that.  It was crowded, full of all kinds of folk, with activities here and there. When Dana White walked in, a crowd swarmed him like teenage girls to a rock star.

Below the videos are a bunch of photos I took while wandering.  The fans were warm and friendly, young and elderly, and the whole experience surreal and strange in the bath of blue-green fluorescent light.

I’m awfully curious about the upcoming Boston Expo, and then the promised UK Expo, but mostly so that I can visit a booth full of smartly designed skull-less shirts from our friends at Scramble.

June is a CRAZY month for MMA.  Two back to back Strikeforce shows that I am pumped for and of course will update with lots of photos from, including one in my hometown, Los Angeles.

And shirts will soon be restocked, we’ve changed the base and will of course offer a coupon for previous customers to “upgrade” if you so desire.

Right! Back to the Expo. Casey shoots Ariel Helwani introducing us to the sights and sounds of the UFC Fan Expo!

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