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Hooray!  What an awesome night of fights.  The show was fantastic, the layout was strange for media but pretty nice for the audience, especially with those gigantic screens.  The Nokia Theater was an interesting venue that looked quite beautiful from the top of the stage seats and from the sound booth.

I have much sympathy for the other photographers as the setup didn’t allow for much cageside shooting (though it did make it much easier for me to get up and down from my platform).  The atmosphere and crowd were great.  EA Sports’ Peter Moore said that 30% of the fans in attendance had never been to an MMA event live.  It seemed like a lot of people walked over from E3 and that’s encouraging.

Apparently THQ had parked their UFC 2010 big rig right outside the Strikeforce show and even sent comedian Ari Shaffir to interview fans in line for Strikeforce about the UFC game.  Pretty funny.  I wish someone had taken a photo of the big rig since I was inside the venue trying to get photos of fighters prepping.

It was another swell night of fights for Strikeforce, I’m pretty thrilled though still tired.  All right!  Enough!  Time for photos!

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