St. Louis Feature Shoot

Salutations from St. Louis!  Showtime revisits the gorgeous (and frightening) abandoned warehouse (I’m gonna guess it’s former military supply, there were some funny looking barrels, and it’s on a former base) for Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery.

I’m happy to see Joe Villaseñor back in action, pumped for Shaolin vs Fancy Pants, Feijao vs Britt, Bigfoot vs Arlovski, … okay, so I’m excited for all of it.  Moreso now that my studio day has come and gone.  While I sit here paring down my studio work, I wanted to share some of the things we shot yesterday at the feature shoot in Granite City outside the H.I.T. Squad gym.

The shoot was long and grueling for the Showtime crew, who weathered the early thunderstorms and dawn to midnight hours to light the images I’m bringing to you now.  What a day.  I took a hurried jaunt over to Finney’s MMA to shoot the media workout as well.  As soon as I picked up the last shot, I hopped back into the van and went straight back to the H.I.T. Squad, bummed that I missed Pezao’s entire shoot.

It was also my first time meeting Roger Gracie and Alistair Overeem, both of whom are quite friendly despite their towering stature.

Enjoy these, some you’ll recognize from the SHOSports twitter.  I’ll post up all the fun lil’ photos I’ve been tweeting soon as well.

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