Montréal Fight Week Update

I’m up in Canada for my first time EVER, which is crazy because I’ve been all over Asia & Europe and never visited my neighbor to the North (however, Casey’s been to Canada three times in two months).

We’re in the lovely city of Montréal, Québec, situated in downtown right near the Centre Bell, or Bell Center.

It is absolutely wonderful so far.  We met our friends at Fightlinker in person for the first time ever, enjoyed the culinary stylings of Jackal Letibleu, ate crêpes, and today I cracked open a maple créme brûlée with a shiny steel spoon at a little French bistro after eating duck confit (my favorite).

And as you can see in the image to the left here, Montreal’s (okay, I’m done typing all these accents) also been entertaining.  I love seeing Petruzelli’s fake scared expression in the bottom corner of that image.  Even the commissioner is amused.

Check out the rest of the photos from the weigh-ins here at MMAFighting.  Kimbo Slice and Matt Mitrione smush each other’s noses in their staredown while Machida and Shogun keep their distance, as usual.

Yesterday was the press conference and Paul Daley amused all when he announced the winner of the UG’s Koscheck photoshop contest, my personal pick too, the Bob Ross.

You can view the whole pre-fight presser gallery here.

And from the same fateful day as Yoshizo’s gift to us at AOL Fanhouse, don’t forget to check out  the rest of the UFC 113 media workout gallery.

All in all, a productive and interesting week, not to mention all the excitement of the Canadiens winning game 4 of their series against the Penguins, causing the beautiful city to brighten even more.

I could swear there was a hop to the step of each of Montreal’s citizens today.

Only thing left is to try poutine and see Old Montreal, oh, and shoot UFC 113, duh.  I’m pretty excited for the main event and co-main event — and anticipating the fiercely fanatic crowd with joy.

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