Greenscreen + New Studio

Completely forgot to share these.  The day after Strikeforce: Nashville held the LA media workout, we continued the Showtime crew’s feature shoot for the broadcast with greenscreen on the CBS studio lot.  Between setups, I shot new studio work of the fighters in the main events, and ridiculous number of photos of Aoki since I had zero images of him.

Aoki was amusing to shoot.  I’ve only included a few shots here but I came out of that shoot with a pile of winners.

I’m watching the sun slowly descend (though not near sunset yet) over Yas Island here in Abu Dhabi and really thrilled about the next three weeks.  UFC 112 is going to be amazing.  Nashville is going to amazing.  WEC is gonna be great too.

So much has happened lately.  Super photographer Daniel Herbertson is now part of the AOL Fanhouse family.  His first assignment for us was K-1 and the photos are here. Yay!

In other awesome news, / AOL Fanhouse now has an iPhone app so you can view mine and Daniel Herbertson’s photos easily on your iPhone.  Oh and read the comprehensive MMA coverage too.  Welcome to the future, folks!

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