Fight Night in Smashville

I’ll tell you how my Saturday night went. I shot three great victories in Strikeforce and they were overshadowed by well, you know. Whatever about how you think the fights went — I saw three underdogs win, three lower ranked fighters beat the odds and beat their opponents in dominating fashion.

I am terribly exhausted, two straight weeks of multiple title fight shooting + international travel is pretty hard on the body and soul.  I got to see my dogs for all of 24 hours and I miss them already.

No, I don’t really have photos of the brouhaha/melee/brawl/fracas/curb-stomping/fray/row/broil/the-fourth-fight-of-the-night because I happened to be in the cage and too close to the action. I look pretty stupid in the overhead shot, reluctantly reaching out for Nate Diaz’ shirt as he kicked into the pile o’ dudes.

But I did go to the Frist Art Museum and see a pretty fantastic exhibit on the masters of painting, great contemporary art by U-ram Choe, and receive a little owl pin for my likeness to the Greek goddess Athena (so the museum kiosk tells me).  Before which I worked all night to get these photos ready for delivery in many resolutions and sizes for press outlets and after which I nearly died of exhaustion and dehydration, nursed back to health by plain soda and sweet, sweet sleep.

It’s been rough, folks. But don’t let that take you away from the important stuff.

This is my gallery from Strikeforce: Nashville.

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