Fanhouse: Aldo vs Faber Fight Night

Killer, right?  Great night of fights, good loud crowd, and I did pretty swell too.  I have never shot more photos in one fight than during Leonard Garcia vs Chan Sung Jung.  It was nonstop action, ridiculous, really.  I was already super hyped to see the Zombie make his US debut and even happier that it was fight of the night, despite the odd judging.

The energy in the Arco Arena was electric.

Hopefully, the buy rate was good because fighters like those who battled their hearts out on Saturday deserve the bigger paydays, and that can only come with being on pay per view cards.  I enjoyed every match on the card.  It’s not often you get to say that.

If you’re lookin’ for some good reading to follow-up to a night of solid, amazing fights, I recommend this by Ben Fowlkes and this by Mike Chiapetta.

These are from my gallery over at, click here to see the full gallery.

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    stellar, and thanks for the articles!