Abu Dhabi Update

More images from UFC 112 event week in Abu Dhabi for MMAFighting.com.  We’re gettin’ closer and closer to the fights!  Today, we toured the Ferrari World concert arena built in the recent weeks (the Octagon being built in two hours this morning).

This is from the press conference at the ridiculously beautiful Yas Hotel.  It looks like Kubrick, 2001 + the Korova Milk Bar, or as Rude Boy Troy Mandaloniz said, “The friggin’ Starship Enterprise,” — I’d say like the JJ Abrams version.

Overall, Abu Dhabi, or more specifically, Yas Island, is surreal.

This post makes no sense, just look at the photos!

Here’s the presser photos.

And here’s what you’ve been waiting for, the concert arena at Ferrari World. Clicky clicky!

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