Strikeforce Challengers 5 Fight Night

While spending my entire very late night listening to MMAWeekly radio, I uploaded these photos from Friday’s Strikeforce Challengers card for your perusal.  I’m not thrilled, yes, I know I say this every time.

I’ve got a ton of excuses but there are still a few winners in there. I love the venue’s intimacy and age.  The dressing rooms all had large Persian rugs, vanity mirrors with very yellow bulbs, and there was a general warmth to the atmosphere.  Not a bad seat in the house.  Unless you were seated in the corral behind me, then you just had me in the way.

Damn, I’ve stayed up so late that my neighbors are now waking for their shoot (my awesome neighbor is a cinematographer) — it’s 3:18 AM Pacific.  That is no good.  Especially after fight night.  Meh. It’s okay, I’m kind of used to this now.  I think this kind of abuse is why I stayed healthy for so long.  It was the rest that got me sick. I had a great week up in San Jose and I can’t wait to do it again.

Casey returns from Vancouver on Monday, which I am thrilled about because I’ve got plans that require his videotastic expertise.

Anyway, these next few months are just packed.  It is going to be crazy.  Take a look at the MMA schedule until June.  Insane, right?  I hope my dogs don’t disown me by then.  Goodnight folks, or good morning, whichever is appropriate.

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