UFC Gym Grand Opening in Concord

This past week was FILLED to the brim with activities, ending with the grand opening of the UFC gym in Concord. It was super packed. I don’t know how many people showed up but the gym’s VP Adam Sedlack estimated it at 10,000 people which I might believe considering how difficult it was for me to move around and take photos.

It’s a giant gym full of so so many machines, weights, kettlebells, UFC branded weights and soap, 800+ classes, it’s insane. Insanely fancy, just overwhelming. If I had kids, it would be fun to send them to the kids classes here while I did my own workout.

Here’s MMA Fighting’s video tour (Fanhouse) by Casey:

And here are some photos from the event. Mayhem’s dog, Gator, was ejected after being noticed in the green room/exercise studio, but not before Chuck Liddell could make kissy-faces at it. Gator was his own celebrity, for sure.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting peeks of my two-day shoot at AKA, between stuff I did for Fighters Only Mag and Strikeforce. It was an insane roadtrip and I hope to post more about it soon.

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  • http://countcombat.blogspot.com Thomas

    So many bells and whistles, will it really see that much action?

  • kristoferjohn

    Terrific photographs……
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