Strikeforce: Miami

Georges St Pierre and Gegard MousasiOh my.  I am so exhausted.  But pretty happy.  As usual, I’m a wreck because I stayed up until 11 am this morning uploading and editing photos — and like the disgruntled artist I’ll forever be, I’m only partly satisfied with the work I did last night.  Regardless, I wanted to share my favorite shots since they vary slightly from the ones posted to the Sho Sports flickr.  I haven’t had a chance to filter through all the undercards yet but rest assured there are some winners in that pile, especially the very prolonged celebration by ATT’s Hayder Hasan after knocking out Ryan Keenan. The Riggs-Hieron fight was also full of lovely bloody images, and I’ll post those soon since most of y’all didn’t get to see it.

It’s been an awesome week and while I’m sad to see Melvin Manhoef and Marius Zaromskis lose, I’m ecstatic to see team Strikeforce triumph over the DREAM team and I’m just a huge Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler fan.  Herschel did well for his debut and Lashley performed as expected.  Cris Cyborg has a chin of steel because I heard Marloes Coenen’s fist make contact with Cristiane’s face many times and it phased her only slightly.  Coenen’s tough as nails.  Ran into Coenen’s boyfriend in the laundry room while doing an impromptu photo shoot at the fighter hotel and he said that Marloes is beat up but OK and well, it’s all part of the game.

Indeed it is.  Around 3 am, I saw Zaromskis’ cornermen approach Nick Diaz in the lobby, shook hands respectfully, chit chatted for a moment and went their separate ways.  Manhoef looked disappointed but otherwise unhurt.  Lawler limped around the hotel lobby but was in good spirits and ready to go home to his family.

So with that, I leave you with the photos from the televised portion of the evening and I’ll post up more later when I’ve gotten more than two hours sleep.

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  • daveS

    Beautiful work! It seems like you were able to get great spots(little juice from the client?)–so many winners. Get some sleep :))

    • Juice from the client? I’m confused. I shot these specifically for Strikeforce… so I get the best spot. Well, what’s considered the best spot. I like shooting from below at cageside, actually.

  • Manny

    Wow, you timed Melvin’s last moment of consciousness perfectly. He got put to sleeeep. I’ve been a huge Robbie Lawler fan since the Aaron Riley fight so I’m thrilled with how this fight turned out. I really like Manhoef too, though, so I feel kinda bad for him. But I don’t think a performance like that will really hurt his marketability. Dude is an animal. His problem now might be finding guys willing to fight him. Love to see him in there with Scott Smith next.

    As bad ass as Marius Zaromskis is, I knew he was up shit’s creek against Nick. And not just because Nick’s my 2nd favorite fighter (behind only BJ). As much as I love DREAM, they don’t have anything like Nick Diaz over there. People were acting like Zaroskis was just walking out, landing head kicks, and calling it a day. Nope. He always set those kicks up with his hands. That was never gonna happen against Nick. Not with the amount of punches he throws, coupled with his accuracy and always improving power. The experts were picking Diaz by submission, but I liked him by assault and battery. And when you look at 0971 (56 of 82 in this set), probably my favorite ever of Diaz, you can almost see all his nasty plans for Zaromskis dancing around in his head.

    Pic 8 (Lashley) is beautiful.
    I keep goin back to pic 34 (Walker) and goin 47??? Really??? What the hell.

    Alright, enough rambling.
    As always, I love your work.

  • daveS

    Juice from the client? I’m confused. I shot these specifically for Strikeforce… so I get the best spot. Well, what’s considered the best spot. I like shooting from below at cageside, actually.

    D’oh–sorry for the confusing choice of words–I was trying to say “great to have the show as your client”(and great choice of spots to shoot from).

    Dumb question: from cageside do you have to worry about the cage getting in the way?

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