Road Trip: I-15 after 108

If we’re not on a plane, we’re in our car, driving either to or from Las Vegas on Interstate 15, to or from a Zuffa show, and we pass by skeletons of grand ideas, quiet, abandoned, burned.  Last time, we stopped to snap photos of a burned semi (which is still there, two months later), and this time we finally stopped at Rock-a-Hoola, a seemingly once-fun waterpark just before the California Inspection booths when heading south.  I’d always meant to stop here since I started driving this route.  I finally got my chance and stopped at another destroyed house on the way.

We wandered the grounds and took photos for a long while, long enough to feel the sun want to leave us.  I think my favorite thing about these photos is that I can tell it is winter.  The waterpark’s slides were long shipped off to some other aquatic amusement, I believe in Canada.  The place looks particularly sad with the empty frames dotting the hillside.  I wonder if the spring that inspired this place still had water, if Lake Dolores was still around.  We didn’t have too much time, but I’ll make this drive again in two weeks and maybe I’ll stop to find out.

As we were wrapping up in the park, I saw a truck pull up into the parking lot beside our car.  We walked back, hoping not to hear, “Hey! You’re trespassing!” and instead heard, “Hey, are you the owners of this place?” I laughed, relieved, “No, no, just stopped to take some pictures.”

Hope you enjoy the pictures from our detour after UFC 108.

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  • Sick.

    I’ve always wanted to stop there but have been to eager to get to Vegas on the way past it initially and too eager to get home when I’m passing it on the way home.

    Great images. Rock on.

    P.S Rockin’ my ALL ELBOWS shirt today at work today. Chicks dig it.

  • Creepy. Abandoned theme parks scare the heck outta me.

  • Manny

    Loved the pics of the abandoned house. I saw a lot of stuff like that when I walked from Canada to Mexico in 2008. Just real creepy houses and motels in the middle of nowhere. Mostly, I didn’t really check them out though. I was walkin by my lonesome and rarely in the mood for any Texas Chainsaw Massacre adventures. Sometimes I wish I had stopped and poked around more, but, for the most part, I’m glad I dont have any “attacked by a band of hoboes” stories.

    I think pics 12 and 18 are my favorites. And 23 is just incredible.

    • Wow! How long did that walk take?? That sounds amaaaazing. Must’ve seen a lot of really beautiful and frightening things.

  • Manny

    It took 3 and half months, from June 5th to September 20th.

    I really did. I’ve always had a thing for empty and abandoned and there was definitely a lot of that along the way. I had to stick to U.S. and state highways because it’s illegal to walk on Interstate so a lot of the time I was on routes that had pretty much been sacrificed to progress. I’ve never felt so wonderfully small and insignificant as the times when I was just NOWHERE, but it also tends to give things a very eerie vibe. You’re just walking and thinkin, ‘ya know that huge, once beautiful, now desolate Victorian house shouldn’t be here, it doesn’t belong’. And you pick up your pace a little to get away from it, but you can’t take your eyes off of it. There was this one house whose foundation must’ve slipped or something because it was visibly tilted. It seemed to have sprung directly from some unfortunate nightmare.

    Good times.

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