More Fun With Posters + Update

Here’s another fun poster I whipped up just for the hell of it, this time for the co-main event at Strikeforce: Miami, Cris Cyborg vs Marloes Coenen.


What do you think?  I’m looking at all types of old posters for concerts and boxing matches for inspiration.  I realize at some point I am going to have to put the mouse down and draw — and I have been doing some sketches.  But it’s been fun to do these things and hopefully I’ll get around to getting some of the designs silk-screened and available for sale.  I just gotta work it out with the bosses & rights and all that.

As for what’s on our plate—Casey and I are driving up to San Jose tomorrow with friend of the site Jason “Mayhem” Miller as he takes a few days training at American Kickboxing Academy.  We’ll be there to cover Mike Swick, Josh Koscheck, and Cain Velasquez preparing for their upcoming bouts.  Then on Saturday, we’ll be on hand for the grand opening of the new UFC Gym in Concord, CA.  Most of the coverage will be for AOL Fanhouse as usual but we’ll squeeze in a few things for you guys here at and keep your eyes peeled for some of the images in future issues of Fighters Only Magazine.

We have some photos from our last road trip from Vegas and you know we’ll be documenting every step of our rainy drive up the California coast with Mayhem’s hot dog dog, Gator.  If you’re not already connected with us on Facebook, take a gander, we post our updates there if you’re not into RSS feeds or checking our sporadically updated site every day.  Thanks again to everyone who has ordered a shirt from us, you make it possible for us to continue making awesome stuff.  Thank you.

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  • Looks like a Built to Spill album I had 12 or 13 years ago.

    This I would hang on my wall. And not just because I have a thing for chicks with Dutch accents.

  • Very cool, I love the old boxing look.

  • This is exactly what mma needs- a look of classic nobility. MMA can be everything boxing used to be and more in terms of the romance. I love this kind of stuff. Classic always rules.

  • A

    That is really nice looking! I would buy one in a heartbeat. Keep making more!

  • William

    Love the old boxing look. Keep em coming

  • William

    just an idea. if you do make silk screens… please make them limited and hand numbered and signed. sorry my nerdy side coming out

    • Hi William,

      We’d love to make silkscreened posters, and if we did, they would for sure be limited and hand-numbered. It’s the only way. :)

      Converge is wonderful.

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