Just For Fun: (fake) Fight Posters

Feeling inspired by the new year and unusually warm winter (here in LA, anyway), I threw together two posters for the upcoming Strikeforce event on January 30th in Sunrise, FL.  Before MMA took over my life, I frequented music clubs and followed all manner of sounds, collecting vinyl, posters, and dancing my ass off with a Guinness in hand.  I always admired a well-made band flyer and wished I’d been musical enough to play gigs. Hidden in piles around our headquarters are various amazing poster prints for Isis, Converge, The Misfits, Fucked Up, Radiohead, and Patsy Cline.

When I worked for that company that folded, I dreamt of making a fight poster without tons of sponsor logos and too many fighter images, and layers of crap.

And now I get to do that.  For myself.  I have to say, it was a ton of fun to sit around designing for one client.  Even with only myself to please, I couldn’t stop fiddling and making changes.  But hey! It’s a start.


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  • Casey E.

    I like the black and white, more …. Strikeforce’e looking

  • Phil

    These are sweet.. The second one would make a great tshirt too

  • Really impressive design on these posters. I wish to Christ this sort of perspective could be taken up by the folks who dish out the actual (nauseating) posters for such events.

    -K. Hartrum

  • Better be careful. Your not allowed to be creative in MMA.

    • haha Paul. I’ll just keep rebelling, I guess!

  • William

    where can i buy these?!?!?!?!

  • William

    ps i love converge. j bannon never disappoints

  • I like the first one. And I’m using halftone for the next Strikeforce poster. ;p

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