All Elbows’ Favorites Part Two: Studio

Continuing with our favorite images from 2009, I thought I’d put a break in the middle of the year to highlight the part of my job that I had the hardest time learning, since I didn’t come from a photography background. Studio.

Working with Strikeforce has enabled me to spend time with many fighters on their roster taking portraits. Each event I take portraits of about twenty fighters.  It’s been a splendid journey.

I consider myself closer to a photojournalist than art photographer, only because I’m kind of awful at speaking with people, directing them to do what I see in my head. This year afforded me many chances to improve that part of me and I’m grateful.

Either tomorrow or Thursday we’ll wrap up the year with the rest of the images.

Here’s my favorite studio work of the year.

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  • Nice Work

    Esther these are incredible photos.
    Thank you for your contribution to mma!

  • Awesome photos!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Another year of the best photos in the sport. Please keep ’em coming!

  • Stephen

    Have you ever thought of posting any of your photos in a desktop background size?

    I would love to get that Reggie Warren Jr. picture in a higher res for my background.

    • HI Stephen, I most definitely have. The Strikeforce images I have to get cleared I think — plus, I’m a little hesistant to put out large files since I have seen my work on ebay and EVEN in person by the people who printed them and sell them! I confronted them about it and they said the photos weren’t mine but they were very clearly mine.

      However, I can do the reggie warren jr pics, just as soon as I am home. I’m away from my archives until Jan 4th.

  • Some great pictures , thanks

  • 1) Lookit how symmetrical Coenen’s face is… now.

    2) Carano looks hungry.

    3) I think Fedor likes you, Esther. It’s only in your photos that I ever seen anything resembling a smile cross his face.

    4) You all need to get a collection of your images printed on a blanket so we can wrap ourselves in their goodness.

    5) Can’t wait for my shirt! But I will!

  • Omo Matt a

    Still hard for me to imagine that Riggs was 300 lbs. Great pics.

  • Me

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

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