All Elbows’ Favorites Part One


This was a pretty eventful and adventure-filled year for us. It began with the two of us in Tokyo, jobless but credentialed at both Dynamite!! and Sengoku No Ran, bumping into “Mayhem” Miller in our budget hotel and ended most recently with us in San Jose, myself working for Strikeforce and Casey working for AOL Fanhouse.

We thought we’d share our favorite images from the year. My first round of selections resulted in 450 photos. Well, I’m not going to post 450 photos. But I will post a ton.

Here’s part one of our 2009 story, finishing with Mayhem training for the DREAM Middleweight Title, as that’s the last I shot before I got the call to shoot for Strikeforce.

We begin in Tokyo, move back to Los Angeles for Affliction, watch Mo Lawal train, Sengoku trip #2, Strikeforce: Shamrock vs Diaz, ending at the Kingdom of Mayhem.

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  • Jim

    Great set, thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • Thomas

    There’s really something amazing about your photos of the venues, filled or empty.

  • Omo Matt a

    Great pictures.


    Thank you! Cool job!

  • The Evil Genius

    You have an amazing eye. My favorites from this set are Gil Yvel (although I’m not particularly a fan of his), Mayhem laughing, Babalu, and Davis-Quach. The pic of Fedor walking away from what he just did to Arlovski has to be my favorite overall. There is just so much going on in his face right there. The lack of even the slightest trace of joy or exuberance is almost frightening. He’s got a little bit of relief, some concern for his opponents well being, possibly a hint of embarrassment, but mostly there’s affirmation. A certain, “yep, that’s what happens.” I just love that pic. Perfect timing. Go you! Haha.

  • DJ ThunderElbows
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