The Super Six by Howard Schatz


Showtime got fine art photographer Howard Schatz to shoot images of the fighters involved in their World Boxing Classic, aka The Super Six, and the photos are amazing.   Andre Ward, Carl Froch, Arthur Abraham, Jermaine Taylor, Mikkel Kessler and Andre Dirrell came to New York City that same week I was there for the Gina Carano vs Cris Cyborg press conference.  What I would have given to watch Schatz work!  One day, some aspiring photographer will be writing about me this way, haha, maybe.  Not.  Maybe. Okay, but it might be awhile.

The photos are just breathtaking.  I’m in awe of the skill and happy to be even working on the same subjects as Schatz.

I’m of course also geeking out over the equipment — I don’t know anything for sure, I just know it’s medium format (Hasselblad or Mamiya, I’m guessin’ Hasselblad) since the images were captured through a Leaf digital back.  I’ve never even touched a high-end digital capture system before.  No matter.  I’ll keep working my way up.  Until then, bask in this awesomeness and get pumped up for the Super Six!  I shot Andre Dirrell for Showtime a few weeks ago (candids of him working out), and I’m really thrilled for his fight against Carl Froch on October 17th.  This tournament is going to be nuts!

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  • These photographs are SUPERB!!

  • I’m so pumped my left leg just flew up into the air with a “wheee” sound like a deflating balloon!

  • Wow, really beautiful stuff. And who are you kidding, you are already shooting stuff just as beautiful as this.

    • That’s real nice of you to say Daniel! But honestly, I’m just excited and inspired, feeling humbled but in a great way. I’m not there yet but I’m not sad because I’ll get to that point where my photos finally match what I see in my mind — someday.

  • Great set of images by Howard Schatz!

    If you haven’t been asked. Let me be the first to say I would love to watch you do a shoot. If you are ever in the Seattle area again, email me! :)

  • These are amazing……..these photos both inspire me to be a better photographer and discourage me that i am still so far away…

  • TK

    Those are amazing shots. You will get there at some point, you already have the talent. Just need some more experience and some $ for the top equipment and you’re there.

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