We Love Genki Sudo

I mourned the day Genki Sudo retired from fighting. At least there’s always YouTube! We stumbled across this newly posted music video for Genki Sudo’s “World Order.” There are a million things to enjoy about this video from a production standpoint. One, I’d never thought to purposely shoot wide establishing shots out of focus for the purpose of highlighting the next, in focus, cut. Two, it looks like it’s shot in slow motion a lot, but the dancer/salarymen are just moving very slowly. Three, I noticed this when we were in Japan, but people tend to let stuff happen — we shot all the time and no one bothered us unless they didn’t want to be in the video, and it’s kind of magical to see the expressions of people in the street and also their own little walkaway ending.

One of my favorite transitions is towards the end of the video when suddenly out of the blue, after minutes of locked off tripod shots, there’s one short handheld shot — it’s a little wake up call, and reminder that someone is watching this too.


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  • This made my friggin’ week.

  • I think I want to have Sudo Genki’s babies.

  • I’m digging this find!

  • sweet
    not as cool as the baseball&cheerleeders entrance tho

  • Without a doubt my fav all time fighter, this just backs up what an entertainer he is.

    A good find !

  • He definitely is one of a kind!

  • Enysb


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