Vid: Mayhem & King Mo visit EA SPORTS Studios


A couple of weeks ago, Casey and I got a chance to tag along as Mayhem and King Mo visited EA Sports’ studio in Orlando, Florida to meet the developers of EA MMA, demo the game so far, and record sound and visuals for gameplay.  Here’s some photos from the day o’ fun.

We’re proud to present our latest video for your viewing pleasure, but first we’d like to thank Ryan Parsons, Lightforce Nutrition, and of course, EA for the amazing access and being generally super-awesome-neato.

shot and edited by E. Casey Leydon
produced by Ryan Parsons and
photos and graphics by Esther Lin:

Music by Wreck-A-Mic:
Music by Genghis Con:
Special Thanks:
EA Sports-
Nate Adams –
LightForce Nutrition-

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18 Responses to Vid: Mayhem & King Mo visit EA SPORTS Studios

  1. Matt says:

    Damn this stuff is good.
    Can I work for you guys?!

  2. GrandpaJesus says:

    Ha! I thought Mayhem really was trippin’ Dam.

  3. greg says:

    i have been up in that ball pit…. that place is a blast!!!!! should really check out thee arcade on the first floor in the back though

  4. Rear_Naked_Poke says:

    What an awesome video… tryed to take as much from it as i can looks like the right analogue stick is gonna be used alot
    also a few of the fighters stats we know now, footspeed and apparently mayhem’s got a weak chin on it lmao

    did u see the bald guy jump up and get brushed off by mayhem.. hes one crazy dude…i like it. lol

  5. Yari says:

    Most awesome thing I’ve seen of this game so far, thanks alot for doing this!

    Very nice to see, glad EA allowed the video. And I can only hope they allow you guys to come again!

  6. just_me says:

    Mayhem rules…

    Been a fan ever since his stunt in Japan when he won his last fight. Just dominated what’s his face and smiling for the camara. That better be in the game.

  7. MMA Shirts says:

    Mayhem is ALWAYS Funny as hell!

  8. Dale Cooper says:

    “EA Sports, it’s in the game. And it’s in my bag.”


  9. A must visit – once I have a bit of a vacation

  10. Jimbo Lice says:

    Loving the random Harlem Heat reference from Mo.

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