Vid: Mayhem & King Mo visit EA SPORTS Studios


A couple of weeks ago, Casey and I got a chance to tag along as Mayhem and King Mo visited EA Sports’ studio in Orlando, Florida to meet the developers of EA MMA, demo the game so far, and record sound and visuals for gameplay.  Here’s some photos from the day o’ fun.

We’re proud to present our latest video for your viewing pleasure, but first we’d like to thank Ryan Parsons, Lightforce Nutrition, and of course, EA for the amazing access and being generally super-awesome-neato.

shot and edited by E. Casey Leydon
produced by Ryan Parsons and
photos and graphics by Esther Lin:

Music by Wreck-A-Mic:
Music by Genghis Con:
Special Thanks:
EA Sports-
Nate Adams –
LightForce Nutrition-

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  • jsus

    randys not a scrub he would smash king mo’s face in allll day couture a legend!

  • R3inaxvida

    who is this chick esther lin, is she just a photographer. cus i see that shes always with mayhem and on twitter theyre always talkign to eachother, do they have a thing or what?

  • This site, is owned and “operated” by Esther Lin, that’s me. I don’t have a “thing” with Mayhem. He’s a subject of a lot of my photography because we are friends. Men and women can be friends without it being a “thing.”

  • R3inaxvida

    i know yhur a photographer and yhea thats true, i was just wondering, no need for you to get angry. or say stuff on twitter, im a really huge fan of mayhem. i meant no disrespect.

  • I’m sorry if I sounded angry, I don’t mean any harm. I just get so much shit for being a woman in this business. I just spent a week shooting Mayhem in Japan and everywhere I went I dealt with this mentality that I couldn’t possible be a pro and it was pretty frustrating. I apologize.

  • R3ynaxvida

    aww thank you for the apology, im sorry too. and i know what you mean, your pictures are great though.

  • Raversfantasy81

    Mayhem you rock! fckng hilarious BULLY BEATDOWN i love you hair :D

  • Gelade97

    I loved this video. Especially when mayhem started to flip out. and kuddos for the person who made the video very nice quality

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