Pretty: Tekken 6 Promo

tekken4Whoever’s in charge of marketing Tekken 6 chose the lovely subject of fighter motivation and pulled together some notables around Los Angeles to make this very beautiful promo.  I love the way this piece is shot.  The actual speeches are whatever but the imagery is gorgeous.  And of course, we’re thrilled to see “The Outlaw” Dan Hardy nicely featured.

Here are some screenshots.  Does anyone know where this lovely light-filled gym is?  I know it’s in Los Angeles, so it’s somewhere nearby.

The look of the sumo wrestler scenes really floored me but I had trouble getting a nice still from it.

Check out the vid here (or go to the Yahoo! site for a slightly larger version):

Thanks to fellow photographer Dean for the heads up!

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  • BM2

    Haha, I see why you didn’t care so much for the audio…

    “…that’s why you have ‘pectorials’! So you can put your hand through somebody’s face!”

    But yes, otherwise the promo is very, very slick.

  • TK

    Very well put together promo. It’s too bad it’s selling a video game though. It’s an inspiring look into what motivates fighters to push themselves to fight, to train. Makes me want to go to the gym right now. Would make a great spot for a fight channel or show; not to sit around and mash buttons with cheeto fingers.

  • TDot

    a bit awkward with this being a promo for Tekken. Beautifully shot though, very nice. But using this to sell a video game is kinda weird

  • Kevin

    With the possible exception of Barnett, this is probably Freddie Roach’s “Wild Card Boxing Club” in Hollywood. Hardy has been sharpening his hands there, and the parking lot looks just like the place.

    • Hi Kevin,

      I’ve been to Wild Card dozens of times so I know it’s not that. I’ve been told it’s the LA Sands. :)

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