Photos: M-1 King Mo vs Mark Kerr

We’re about to leave Kansas City to the EA Sports headquarters after shooting at M-1 Breakthrough. It was a pretty good night of fights with a few clunkers but some nice finishes, including one I missed with Lucio Linhares, when I was backstage that had the rowdy crowd screaming.  I enjoyed watching Karl “Psycho” Amoussou (whose snarl lives up to his name) fight and even if the crowd wasn’t happy, I always like watching Daisuke Nakamura.

Here’s a gallery of photos from the night — starting with the televised card. I didn’t show up to the venue until 8 pm, no thanks to a few cab drivers who don’t know how to drive in a straight line (the venue was literally a 4 miles straight line south from the hotel yet both drivers got lost). Watching Mo’s amanger Ryan Parsons freak out, telling the cabbie, “You know, we have to be somewhere, RIGHT NOW,” was entertaining, even though I knew I had to be there too.

So right, we made it to the show pretty late but just in time for the HDNet portion of the M-1 card. I love shooting fights in rings, despite being too far to keep the ropes out of my images. We’ll have the video recap of Mo’s night in the coming days.

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