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Explosions at the PalladiumWe’re really into music here at All Elbows. One of our favorite bands is Explosions in the Sky. If we could, we’d edit tons of fight highlights to their music, but we don’t have the budget of a Hollywood production or sports leagues. Casey’s originally from Texas and we’ve been listening to these awesome instrumentalists since the beginning, cutting our personal projects to their music. We were lucky enough to see Explosions this past weekend at the Hollywood Palladium and get up close for the first two songs to take some photos. It’s been years since I’ve shot a band, in fact, that’s what I used to do before I started shooting MMA and dogs (long story). I felt rusty for sure but the grandeur of the music more than made up for my nervousness. It was a real treat to see these Texans playing after nearly ten years together as a band and to watch the crowd oooo and ahhh, lighting up each time the songs hit their crescendo.

The sold out crowd swayed, rapt with adoration. I’m glad they kicked us photographers out after two songs because if you’re in the front row, all you hear is the music plus the sound of ten plus camera shutters snapping, loudly. It was a wonderful show and I was fortunate enough to have a great seat on the balcony for the remainder of the set.

I want to thank two people (you know who you are, if you want to be thanked publicly, please let me know) for the media pass and getting my ass in front of the barricade for the beginning of their set.

On a side note, No Age opened for them and they were awesome except I almost think the Hollywood Palladium was too large. No Age always felt like a gritty, small venue, everyone sweating and dancing kind of band. I went to high school and junior high with the guitarist, Randy Randall, and though I doubt he remembers me, I remember those times he played at lunch, sampler and multiple instruments in tow.

For those of you budding editors, getting your first highlight reels onto the internets, try something majestic like Explosions instead of Disturbed and you might suddenly find yourself bestowed with instant credibility. Ha! Well, it still has to be cut with skill, but a great soundtrack is a fantastic place to start.

Here’s a small gallery of the pictures I was able to take, the Palladium’s been remodeled since I last saw Interpol and Enon there maybe five years ago, and I found myself staring at the changing neon lights an awful lot.  Explosions in the Sky played a lot of The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place, and my favorite selection from Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever, “A Poor Man’s Memory,” which has a really intense, heavy climax.  Below the gallery is a selection of their songs.

Shoot! I almost forgot to mention! Did you know these guys, Explosions, are also PRIDE fans? Yes.

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