Training Camp: Dan Hardy

A little over a month ago I did an interview with Dan Hardy for Fighters Only Magazine and while I interviewed him, we here at went ahead and shot “The Outlaw” working out and chatting with me. While Hardy is a relatively new fighter to the UFC, though he’s been fighting all over the world for a bit now, and was happy to participate in the first of what we hope will be a continuing series where we feature a entire day with a fighter, Training Camp.

Dan Hardy fights at UFC 99 in Germany, on June 13 against Marcus Davis. Be sure to check out the whole interview in the current issue of Fighters Only Magazine (UK Issue #51, and US/Canadian Issue #4).


shot and cut by E.Casey Leydon
produced by
graphics and photos by Esther Lin
music by Cock Sparrer

Nate Adams
Fighters Only Magazine
Dan Hardy

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  • Great job All Elbows crew! Half the work is just finding an interesting subject and Dan’s a hell of a fighter and should continue to make waves in the welterweight division. As always, I enjoy the lighting and the quick zooms and that the style doesn’t overwhelm what you’re filming. I also like the tremble cam stuff from the Mayhem doc. Keep up the good work!

    Just curious, will you guys ever post a “director’s cut”, if you will, of what you film? I’m sure ten minutes is easier to digest, but I always like the meaty stuff.

    Oh yeah, big ups for the Cock Sparrer tracks…it’s damn appropriate.

    • Thanks! We won’t tarnish our name with a director’s cut though, haha, because well, it’s already cut by the director. Honestly, I love keeping things short and sweet, when it’s too long, people don’t finish the video and don’t get the the good stuff (my photos, JK JK). I think most MMA videos suffer from being too long, bad pacing in general.

  • konkur

    Noooo, he called footbal “soccer” at the beginning…. :-(

    Otherwise, it’s a nice interview. Though I am disappointed there was no question about the Sexyama phenomenon when he mentioned Sherdog. :-D

  • konkur

    By the way, there should be a way to disable smileys. They somehow destroyed the stucture of my previous comment.

    • I’m sorry about that konkur! I’ll turn ’em off — gimme a sec.

  • mamama

    esther… your SICK!!!!! (in a good way) or like bad as in good. your badass!!!

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