Photos of Kid Yamamoto by David Lin
Kid Yamamoto warming up by David Lin

Kid Yamamoto warming up by David Lin

While searching for more fashionable things to freak out over, I came across this post at Hypebeast about Kid’s return to fighting.  While they don’t mention his loss at all, the post included some stunning photos of Yamamoto behind the scenes of Dream 9 by some fellow named David Lin.

I have to admit, I’m horribly jealous because Kid has the kind of pull with Dream that allowed him to bring along many friends and entourage, including people from Crooks & Castles, KICKS/HI, and his own Krazy Bee folks, and a photographer.  We’ve been working on videos for DREAM to promote Mayhem’s fight so knowing that someone else was back there makes me green with envy.  We were not invited, or even allowed to the other side of the pacific for this event.

However, I’m easily won over by the unique imagery and almost kindred capture — I feel very connected, warm from these photos, like I myself would have experienced these same moments, taken these same photos.

One day, I’ll have that kind of access, and I hope I don’t waste it.  I hope I’m able to convey the emotion and tension in these pictures.  The post work is pretty interesting and I’m curious what the photographer did to them.

This one, of Kid being rubbed down, is soft and tense.  I think perhaps that now knowing that Kid lost makes this image even more sad, pensive.

Kid Yamamoto by David Lin

Kid Yamamoto by David Lin

Check out the rest here.

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