More Production Photos from Kingdom of Mayhem

We’re pretty much done with part 2 of Kingdom of Mayhem: Road to DREAM Middleweight Championship and are starting on part 3, just waiting on a couple of things, really. To whet your appetites for the video on its way, here’s a gallery of photos I’ve been snapping between manning the boom pole and adjusting lights. The first part of the set is Mayhem training at Babalu’s gym in Cerritos, and the second half is from last night, documenting Mayhem dyeing his infamous strip of doom.

Mayhem leaves for Japan today and we wish him the best of luck in defeating Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza for the DREAM title on May 26. Stay up with us and watch it on HDNet, I’ll likely be in the chat.

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    Im a fan of yalls werk but…
    Is it just me or did u photoshop the shit outta the asian broad.

  • funkyfresh

    That hairdresser woman has the best skin I have ever seen. Her skin looks so clear, smooth and soft. I want to cuddle with her. Who is she? Mayhem’s girlfriend?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    These are groovy. Mayhem looks positive and focused. Fantastic.

    And I agree that the gal does look impossibly smooth even though it looks like there’s been little-to-no re-touch.

  • Hello, I do a grain removal because it was pretty dark in there and I shot at 1600 ISO. She had some makeup on but she’s real young and had very nice skin. I would also guess that the flare of shooting into the light source created a dreamy, soft look. I love shooting straight into lights, probably at the jeopardy of my sensors and film.

    In terms of who she is, let’s just say she’s one of Mayhem’s many many female friends. I don’t know if she’s his girlfriend because I don’t imagine any one girl being able to claim that without there being five others saying the same thing.

  • dc

    Who cares about her skin, have you seen her face?? She’s gorgeous! If she’s Mayhem’s girlfriend, he is a LUCKY sob. I would train just to fight for her love.

    Oh and nice job on the hair.

  • Endurance247

    Mayhem is the man. I like the salon seems very high class. Great Job once again Esther. I have enjoyed both of your series so far.

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