Huzzah! Kingdom of Mayhem: Part Three

Yes! proudly present the last in our three part series, Kingdom of Mayhem: Road to Dream Middleweight Championship. We’ve been following MMA veteran and MTV star, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, as he prepares for his rematch with Brazilian MMA star and BJJ master, Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza. In this final episode, we review Mayhem’s most recent bout with Kala Hose in Kingdom MMA, the title contender’s last night in Los Angeles before leaving to Japan, the creation of the notorious ‘Strip of Doom’, and a look back at all the training and ridiculous moments over the last few weeks.

DREAM is tonight at 2 am Pacific, 5 am Eastern, LIVE on HDNet and Jason Miller is the main event. Tune in for the Super Hulk tournament and the Featherweight tournament. I myself am excited to watch Kid Yamamoto, Abel Cullum, JZ vs Kawajiri (Crusher!), and of course, everyone is curious to see just how Hong Man Choi plans to decapitate Canseco.

Thanks for all the support! Here’s Part Three of Kingdom of Mayhem: Road to Dream Middleweight Championship —-


shot and cut by E. Casey Leydon
produced by and Ryan Parsons
graphics and photos by Esther Lin
opening theme by Gregory Faust
music by Genghis Con
music by The Fatal Flying Guilloteens
additional camera and lighting by Adam Sherer

Nate Adams
Justin Fortune
Romalo Barral
Renato “Babalu” Sobral
Rob Kaman
Jason Ellis

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  • khris

    Guys really well put together mini doco series.
    like king mo one aswell.

    fan from syd australia

  • dave shed

    Great job! The production quality is light years ahead of all other MMA documentaries out there.

  • Deo Wade

    Awesome job again.

  • Mayhem Monkey #055

    Incredible job on this series!! Being a fan, I woulda been happy with somethin shot off a cell phone, but this was a real pleasure to watch. Great look, great editing, loved the music…..and so on.

  • Rampage711

    Great videos!


    NO CONTEST?!?!

  • terribleone

    So glad I came across this site. The videos are amazing. They remind me back of my bmx days. Well…just a few years ago haha. When skate and bmx videos started to really get into the artsier side of filming and editing. esp with good music like you guys always use. Keep up the good work. Ill be back alot.

  • Dougie

    Great video series, guys. Who does the electro tune at the start of the video?

    • Hi Dougie, the tune is composed by Gregory Faust, especially for the series.

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