Stylin’ Jiu Jitsu Wallet from Poketo


Jiu Jitsu wallet?  That’s right!  The awesome folks at Poketo in collaboration with illustrator Yusaku Hanakuma, are offering their signature artist wallets with this nifty design clearly proclaiming the artist’s love of grappling.  I sported a Deth P. Sun designed wallet for years until it came apart, as vinyl wallets will do after years of abuse.  And unlike the other neato fashions we’ve featured here on All Elbows, this one’s available in the US! And likely Poketo will ship anywhere, though I can’t find anything confirming that just yet.

Too bad they don’t have a matching t-shirt like they do with some of their other designs, because I think that would probably sell like amazingly delicious hotcakes.

Even this wallet, is so much better than other MMA-styled wallets.  Wait, are there MMA styled wallets?

Sure there are!

There’s this amazing gem I found:


This one looks a little more Official, but probably unlicensed as well!


And of course, SKULLZ!


I don’t think it’s a mystery which I’d prefer.  I have nothing against skulls mind you, just crappy ones.

Poketo is based here in Los Angeles and apparently only one degree away from me.  I have a few friends who’ve told me I ought to meet those guys and gals because we’d get along.

The wallet’s a fair $20 USD and it’s available on here. And no, I don’t make any money off this referral, though if you do end up ordering from them, put in the comments that you saw it here on All Elbows!

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  • Do want! Do want! Thanks for the tip, Esther.

  • Good stuff.

  • A little bit of trivia…

    Hanakuma is the same guy that does all the Shooto comics in the “Shooto News” magazines given out as newsletters/programs at major Shooto events.

    • Really? That’s awesome. Good to know! Only thing I’ve seen is stuff from Tokyo Zombie.

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