Strikeforce Post Press Conference Videos

scott-kevinrandleman_001Casey shot the Strikeforce event’s media offerings for Five Ounces of Pain this past weekend.  He was happy to do it because we here at All Elbows are not enough of an entity to get credentialed on our own (yet).  I’m going to be a jackass and straight up say they’re the best quality of the ones I’ve been seeing popup all over the internets.  Also, they’re nicely separated so you can just watch the ones you give a crap about.

Check some of the videos out at our Facebook group here.  We’ve got post-fight comments from Nick Diaz, Scott Smith, Kevin Randleman (who Strikeforce just signed), and Tito Ortiz.  They are even in HD.  Oooo.

And while you’re there, join our group!  If you’re not the RSS type and can’t be bothered to check us everyday, we will send out periodic updates to group members and we link to new articles on the Facebook group page as well.



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